Myeongdong Medical & Aesthetics was conceptualized and founded by Dr Matthew Yap .  
Modern aesthetic medicine is a beautiful fusion of art, science and medicine. Possessing the eye of an artisan and the heart and soul of a craftsman, Dr Yap thoroughly enjoys the practice of aesthetic medicine and seeks to master its inner secrets .
His latest brainchild , Myeongdong Medical & Aesthetics , has assembled the latest machines , tools and techniques from Korea , Thailand , Germany , Italy , USA and all over the world in a bid to create an artisanal transformation for his loyal following . 
Over the past decade , Dr Matthew Yap has transformed the lives of thousands of patients and is constantly striving to provide all his patients with a beautiful , balanced , harmonious and natural cosmetic outcome . Step in for your consultation today and experience personalized , subtle yet impactful and life-changing transformations ........