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BunBun Beauty Review​


by Bun Bun | 9 June 2014

Smaller Face And Higher Nose Bridge With Fillers and Botox

Most of the time, I get compliments for my big eyes and small mouth. But today, somebody told me “You have very nice cheekbones“. Happy little pixies burst out of a fluffy cloud in the air and rained upon the earth in yellow parachutes. 

The feeling was like… fulfilling a childhood ambition. LOL! I guess if I suddenly became tall overnight and could qualify for the minimum height requirement of being an air stewardess, that would be the level of elation experienced.



I can’t believe it! I’ve always had a flat face. If you look at me from the side, my cheeks would probably be parallel to a wall. XD That’s why contouring of the face was always difficult. If I contoured more, I ran the risk of having very obvious differing shades; if I contoured less, I might as well don’t contour since my face was so flat.

In the past, or maybe just a few years back, getting anything done to your face or body to look more beautiful was frowned upon, it was taboo and people judged. Patients went into hiding during recovery, gave all kinds of excuses for their absence and denied having had anything done even with obvious differences.

These days, having cosmetic procedures done is SO COMMON, especially dermal fillers and botox since they’re less invasive, that people talk about it as casually as buying new makeup / getting a Brazilian wax / having veneers and treat it as a lunchtime quick fix.

“Where are you going for lunch today?”

“Oh, just popping by my aesthetic clinic for some chin fillers. Be back in half an hour.”

Fillers can be used to correct most features – smoothen laugh lines, wrinkles, dimples; plump up lips and sunken cheeks, and one of the most popular desires of many Asians, redefine the nose bridge.

I have a very flat nose bridge. I mean, I HAD a very flat nose bridge.



No seriously, look beyond the eyes and hot orange lipstick and just stare at the space between my eyes. I looked like Voldemort. 100% NO PHOTOSHOP.


Fun fact: It was so flat I could hold a mascara wand across my nose bridge and not stain it. HAHA. #sadlaughter


Let’s go back in time for a bit.


WAHHHHH!!! Chubby cheeks and bad angles. These aren’t even the worst but I just couldn’t bear to upload uglier ones in this post. Sometimes I look back at my old pictures and wonder how these could have passed my own judgment to be blog-able. Thank you for loving me even back then. HAHAHA!!

Fortunately, with some weight loss due to a tremendous load of stress and then eating well and exercising later, I looked slightly better in 2013. Thanks to a better camera and knowing my angles too.


Nice people would say things like “You don’t need any corrections, you’re beautiful already”; nasty people would say “Now you’re not real anymore”.


Who are you to judge how I see myself? The beauty I see in the mirror is different from what you see and interpret of me. I don’t want a total face change, just some adjustments for an enhanced look. And honestly, most people only need very little adjustments to achieve very good results, they just don’t know that and think they probably need a lot of work done to look better. I’ll elaborate in a bit.


Here are 3 things I wanted to get done:


  1. A higher nose bridge

  2. Smaller jaw

  3. Less chubby cheeks


So one day, I finally decided to do something about it and found my answers and solutions to my needs with Dr Matthew Yap


Goodbye, old face.  You have worked well for me, and now I shall reward you.

This was my second visit. The consultation with Dr Matthew Yap was done during my first visit and we had talked in-depth about what I hoped to achieve.


Sending a picture of myself to Mr Mode coz it took a while for the numbing cream to take effect.

This is Dr Matthew. The numbing cream was essential in ensuring I wouldn’t feel that much pain during the injections. The ice pack was just to test that I truly could not feel the coldness and to further numb my skin.


Why my doctor put ice on my nose stand until so stylo one! XD


While my face was injected with fillers, the nurse constantly tapped on my temples to distract my attention away from the injected area.




Getting my chin done too.

My old chin looked like a witch’s chin from certain angles so I was given a jab there to fill up the hollow.

In all, here are the things I had done:

  • Fillers for nose – To heighten nose bridge and make the tip more perky

  • Fillers for chin – To make it less like a witch’s chin by making it fuller

  • Fillers for nasolabial lines (laugh lines) – To soften the lines that come with aging 

  • Fillers for cheeks – To make cheekbones more obvious

  • Botox for jaw slimming – To reduce chubby cheeks and create a more slender, oval jaw



As you can tell from my old pictures, my chubby cheeks were rather prominent. Dr Matthew said I have a very full lower cheek and the strong jaw line was due to overdeveloped muscles from grinding. He showed me some pictures of people who have very obvious jawline reduction from the use of Botox and told me that I should not expect a HUGE change like theirs as I don’t actually have a lot of muscle mass at the jaw area, just a lot of….erm, flesh at the lower cheek. LOL! I make it sound so unprofessional. I can’t recall what Dr Matthew said exactly.

I like that he set my expectations right first instead of over-promising patients. That’s what a professional medical practitioner / aesthetician should do.


So what he did to correct my facial proportions was bring up the cheekbones with fillers and reduce the jaw line with botox = V-shape. Yayyyyy!!!


And now, the AFTER pictures!

Day 4


I super LOOOOOVE my higher nose bridge! And hello? It’s so natural and scar-less you wouldn’t have known unless I told you!

There was no bruising, no bleeding, just a bit of swelling and soreness, which no one but myself could feel.

Dr Matthew said the Botox at my jaw needed about 2 weeks to take effect, but that was a small issue coz I was so fascinated by my new nose bridge.



DAY 8 : Love the chin, nose and more defined jawline.


DAY 16 : 

Sorry I look so bloated HAHAHA!! It’s hard not to look bloated at 8am!

No Photoshop, I swear. Anyway I rarely Photoshop my face smaller, as you can tell from my old 2011 and 2012 pictures. HAHA!

My whole face is more 3-dimensional with a more defined nose bridge, fuller chin, jaw reduction, and less obvious laugh lines.



DAY 20 : YES!!! Jaw slimming without surgery! 



Nose Fillers – Minor Work, Great Result

I want to emphasize how just ONE small change can bring about pretty superb results.

This is me WITHOUT contouring my nose.


This is me WITH contouring my nose.


Both pictures were taken way before fillers.


See how much difference some slight shadow can make to give the appearance of a more defined and prominent nose? It was achieved with contouring techniques that I could execute every day, but couldn’t because of time constraints. What a joy to wake up and see a more defined nose now!  I think it would be pretty similar to people who have to paste eyelid sticker or falsies every day to make up for what nature didn’t bestow us.



Juvederm is the brand of fillers used on my face.

Fillers typically last between 6-12 months. Fillers such as Juvederm are made of Hyaluronic acid gel that closely resembles the body’s own Hyaluronic acid. They’re reversible by dissolution or natural breakdown by the body. They’re good as a temporary solution so you will look your best for a special occasion (I’m doing it for my wedding in September!), or a testing ground for future cosmetic surgery to see if you like how your face looks.

Unless you’re born perfect or think you’re perfect (good for you!), there’s nothing wrong with wanting to enhance your looks. Especially with the more socially liberal view on fillers and botox, there’s really no more stigma about wanting to look one’s best via more advanced methods. It’s like makeup, only more permanent.


When I know I look good, I feel freakin’ AWESOME. 


A recap of what I did:




I know I look like I can answer a lot of your questions, but I can’t. HAHAHA!! Please don’t send me pictures of yourself and ask me to evaluate what features you should consider correcting.

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