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Crystal Phuong Beauty Review


by Crystal Phuong | 19 Feb 2013




Hey everyone!


Let's take a break from all the fashion and outfit blog posts, today I'm going to talk about the most popular topic in aesthetic & beauty industry: Botox, Chin & Nose Fillers. 


It is such a popular topic that I often see them on newspapers and people are talking about it in forums as well.

So I'm gonna give it a shot to explain and share with you guys further information that you have been asking around. 


Before flying off to Vietnam, I made an appointment with my favourite aesthetic doctor -- Dr Matthew Yap.

When I arrived at the clinic, there were some cookies and a hot cup of tea have already prepared for me. I was taken to a treatment room to get myself prepared & ready.




First thing first, numbing cream was applied to the areas where I wanted to have botox & fillers injected to.  I had numbing cream applied on my nose bridge as I wanted a minor touch up. As you can see, some amounts of filler on my nose are still there after 1 year. 


Also, more tea and cookies were brought in for me to enjoy.



This time, Dr. Matthew Yap used Restylane to inject into my nose and chin



Let's look at how the procedure went. 



Doctor first marked all the important spots where needed to be injected to reduce the size of my jaw.

Botox is best known for jaw slimming, fyi! 



Injection in the process. 



Move on to the nose fillers part, doctor injected very small amount of filler into my nose as my nose was already pretty high up.

In fact, I wanted to make my nose tip to look pointier but Dr. Yap suggested not to so I trusted him.



Done with nose & jaw in less than 20 minutes, now let's move on to the most exciting part. 



Chin fillers! 

For the very first time, I wanted to do something on my chin, to make it look longer, to create a V-shape look. That first time failed miserably not because of doctor's skill, but because of my chin. When I was 12 years old, I had a serious injury when somebody threw their broken glass window from the 2nd story building to where I was standing. The piece of glass stabbed onto my chin and left a scar till this day. I didn't remember about it at all and didn't even know a scar exists until I found out there was small amount of filler from my chin flew down to my neck. I guess it must be from that accident so I consulted a doctor and had it solved.

I thought I would never have a longer chin. :(


This time, I told Dr. Yap what happened and how much I wanted to have my chin fillers done. He suggested to me a different approach: injecting the filler on the upper part of the chin instead of the lower one. 



First injection


Second injection


And done!


See any difference yet? ​

And now, here for you- my lovies, my exclusive BEFORE-AFTER photos that you have been waiting for.


Side View


Front view! 

And here is the photo after 1 week I took when I was in Vietnam.

No photoshop on the photo, I swear!


The most wonderful part is: The filler DID NOT flow down to my neck as what happened few years ago. I was so worried for the entire week after that and kept checking & making sure there would not be anything happened. It did not! :D :D :D


Amazing huh? I hope my blog entry has answered your question:

"What happened to your face?"- "You look different?"- "How could your chin get so long?" etc... 


Well, If you see somebody's face changed (longer chin, higher nose, smaller jaw) in very short period of time, there is no such reason called "Weight Loss", they most certainly have fillers done.


And I don't think there's a reason to hide it away or feel embarrassed about it. After all, it's a very common aesthetic treatment with no downtime, safe, pain-free and quick compared to plastic surgery.

Who doesn't want to look good anyway! 


Botox, Nose Filler- How should we start

Botox, Nose Filler- How should we start

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