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MyFatPocket Review - Miyake


by Miyake | 8 Jul 2013​

Blogger Miyake Surprised That Restylane Filler Can Last For So Long


If you followed me on my Instagram, you would have know that I went back to Dr Matthew Yap 1 week ago to touch up my nose filler and smile lines 

Discussing with Dr. Matthew regarding fillers, need to refresh my memory.





Initially I was supposed to touch up under eyelid tear, nose and smile lines as the last treatment I did was during August, 2012.

However, Dr. Matthew said that I don't have to inject filler for my under eyelid tear as it's still perfect.


I am quite surprised that Restylane filler can last that long.


Take before picture for record, as per usual.


Followed by applying numb cream and wait for 15 minutes.

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