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AA Australasian Medical Aesthetics Congr
AMI Anatomy 2016 Sep.PNG
AA Masterclass London Dr Herve Raspaldo
American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine M
Aesthetic Practice Development 2013 Jan.
Double Fix Expert Korea 2019 Oct.PNG
AMI Anatomy 2016 Aug.PNG
Coolsculpting 2013 Apr.png
MBBS NUS 2003 June.PNG
AAAM 2010 Jan.PNG
ADEG COC Botox n COC Filler 2011.PNG
ADEG COC Frac laser skin Rejuvenation n
ADEG COC Laser Pigments n COC Laser or I
ADEG COC IPL n COC Chemical Peels 2011.P
SMC Physician Pledge Hippocrates.PNG
MD codes launch KL 2016 Mar.PNG
MD Codes Visionary Distinction Taipei 20
MD Codes Eye Beauty KL 2017 Apr.PNG
Australasia Society of Cosmetic Dermatol
FineMEC Laser Seoul 2019 Oct.PNG
SAM COC Facial threads 2016 Aug.PNG
Lutronic Laser Seoul 2016 May.PNG
GALAA Bangkok 2018 feb.PNG
SAM COC External Lipolysis 2016 Sep.PNG
Dysport Draw Asia Bangkok 2016 Apr.PNG
Lutronic LAcademie Laser Seoul 2019 Oct.
LDM Seoul 2019 Oct.PNG
ProYellow 577 Fullerton Hotel 2019 Nov.P
Teosyal Masterclass 2019 Mar PNG.PNG
CSCSM 2015 Apr.PNG
Thai Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and
Dysport Masterclass Taipei 2015 Apr.PNG
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